Accomplishments & Publications 

Two of our members received awards from the Virginia Writers Club's 2022 Golden Nib Awards!

Celie Thomas won 2nd place for her nonfiction piece, “Nina.” 

Paul Steinberg won third place for his fiction piece, “Branch Office.”

:  Joanne, founder of the Hanover Writers Club, became a published author in February 2003 when Heir of Deception was released by Llumina Press. The sequel, Air of Truth, was published by Tate Publishing in 2007. The final book of the trilogy, Err at Sea, was released in February 2012 and is available in paperback or ebook. Since that time, all three books have been republished and are available on Amazon. Joanne has been working on a 7-book series of Bible study guides, four of which are published so far. Joanne is an award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction.

CHARLES TABB Charles Tabb is a retired teacher and an award-winning author. His novels have sold well over 100,000 copies, with his debut novel, Floating Twigs, having been read by over 70,000. His seventh novel, Gathering Twigs, the last book in the “Twigs” series to feature Jack Turner, was released July 1, 2022. The first two books in this series have been translated into Russian by AST Publishers. A number of his short stories have been published by various online literary journals. Charles lives with his wife, her two horses, and their two rescued dogs near Ashland, Virginia. He enjoys reading (of course), traveling, and spending time with family. His books can be found on and at Books, Beads, and More in Mechanicsville. You may find Charles, his blog, books, and other information on the web at


JOANN MEAKER: JoAnn is the author of Images of America, Ontario, a book written to commemorate the bicentennial of the town of Ontario, NY where she lived for almost 30 years. A retired teacher, she volunteered for many years for the town's historical society. She loves to read, research family history, and do needlecraft. Spending time with the grandchildren is a joy, and teaching them to love history is a goal.
Her novel, My Dear Emma, was released November, 2012, the sequel, Four Branches in 2014, a compilation of short stories called A Line of Shorts in 2014, a children's fantasy book, Nola's Gift, in 2016 and her latest book, Stories Beneath the Stones: Richmond National Cemetery in May 2017.

:  Harry has been writing role-playing games for over 20 years and novels for over a decade. He’s known in game circles for horror and science-fiction. He’s now focused on comedic fantasy novels as half of the writing team of Jack Heckel. Harry lives in Mechanicsville and attends local conventions and writing events. His websites are and

CECILIA THOMAS: After “Celie” retired as an elementary school counselor she opened a tropical café with a staff of kids. Her early education in Catholic school is reflected in many of the spiritually-oriented stories and poems she began writing as early as second grade. Celie has two books published, Active Meditation for Manifesting the Kingdom and You Can’t Hide a Dead Fish. Celie currently works as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Mechanicsville, VA while working on her next book.

Edwin Clarke Taylor Jr… Born in Williamsburg, Virginia, Taylor now lives in Mechanicville, Virginia. Retired after working 44 years, he enjoys reading, especially westerns, murder/mystery and history. In July 2015, he decided to start writing to enhance his enjoyment of retirement. He is currently writing a series called Geronimo O’Brian and has written two books, “REVENGE at FOUR CORNERS MONUMENT - GERONIMO, O’BRIAN” and “A YEAR - GERONIMO O’BRIAN,” and is presently working on a third, “TIM’S SPIRIT - GERONIMO O’BRIAN”.  



    PAUL STEINBERG:  Accomplished Author and Painter... In high school, Paul spent his senior year trying to decide between his interests in art, music and writing. He was talented in each but had to decide what might give him the best chance of making a living from his creative pursuits. In college, he added theatre to his list of artistic channels. At that time, he chose painting. He spent the next several years having some success as a painter and won some awards and did work others found enjoyable enough to purchase. Painting gave him great satisfaction, but he missed the other forms of expression. Several years ago, he had an idea for a romantic story where the main character has a lifelong relationship with a girl in his dreams. Beyond the manuscript, he did the designs for all the covers, though it was his daughter Aly who executed the first cover painting. He says he has put everything he has into these novels, and hopes you find them each a pleasant read. His two trilogies include the "Heartsense Trilogy": Hurry Moon, A Trace if Echoes, and Blossom Dawn; and the "Mindvision Trilogy":  Mirror Image, Crescent Shadows, and Harvest Reflections.

SHEILA TALLEY: Sheila, a charter member of the Hanover Writers Club, was the second member to publish her first book. Eyes Like My Own was released by Publish America in 2004. Her second book, Beloved Place, was also published by Publish America and was released in 2007. Sheila is currently writing articles for Hanover Lifestyle magazine. The latest issue may be picked up at Coffee Lane Cafè and several other local establishments. Other freelance works include articles in the Mechanicsville Local and The Herald Progress.


 KATHLEEN MIX: As an avid sailor and licensed charter boat captain, Kathleen and her husband spent many years roaming the Southern U.S. coastline, exploring the Bahamas, and enjoying the tropical islands of the Caribbean and the offshore islands of South America. They cruised as far north as Gloucester, Massachusetts and as far south as Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, east to Trinidad and Tobago, and west to Curacao. Kathy began her writing career with non-fiction articles. While anchored in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the boat rocking gently in the trade winds, she began writing about a charter yacht crewed by a salty captain and a land-lubber chef. That novel, A Trade Wind Season, was released by Avalon Books two years later, followed by four romantic suspense novels published by The Wild Rose Press: Secret Stranger (2007), Deadly Paradise (2008), River of Fear (2010), and Deadly Memories (2011). Beyond Paradise, a multi-cultural romance, was released in April 2010 from Samhain Publishing. A single title romantic suspense, Sins of Her Father, was published in late 2014. Unfortunately for all who loved and admired her, Kathleen lost her battle with cancer and passed in 2017. RIP Kathy. We miss you.    

HARVEY R. TATE: Harvey was a retired high school educator who published novels and was a beloved member, and past president, of the Hanover Writers. He wrote to entertain and inform his readers and wrote in various genres. As The Wind Walks, published in 2009, is the story of two men, a great grandfather and his great grandson and their shared experiences of the Civil War and World War II. Kill by Numb3rs, a thriller published in January of 2010, is a tale about Cain Machinovic, a young homicide detective pursuing his own demons and a serial killer. Harvey's other books are Moonlight on the River, a romance, and Little Sisters of War, the story of women's lacrosse in a small college in the Shenandoah Valley. Tentacles of Time, futuristic fiction, was published in 2014 and his last novel, Edge of the 7th Circle - A Cain Machinovic Thriller, was published in 2016. RIP Harvey. You are missed.


The original founding members of the Hanover Writers Club:

Marie V. Aceto  -  Jonathan Baker  -  Emory C. Bogle  -  Jane O. Clark  -  Mary Ann Croy   
Tom Epperson  -  Jon Fairbanks  -  Beverly Glendenning  -  Colleen Glendenning   
George Hagerman  -  Keppel Hagerman  -  Fran Hannah  -  Dennis Humphries  -  Donna Johnson  -  Coleen Kenny  -  Connie Lapallo  -  Bob Layton  -  Joanne Liggan  -  Ellie Malloch   
Elizabeth Daughtrey  -  Jennifer Mullen  -  Beth Petzer  -  Lorraine Pulley  -  Jennifer Ritz   
Rebekah Ritz  -  Ann Rutledge  -  Gloria Shriver  -  David Spangenthal  -  Sheila Talley   
Miriam Walker  -  Anne Westrick  -  Wayne Wooley

Some of these writers and aspiring writers have passed, others have gone on to be tremendously successful authors, and others are still struggling or have given up.
Our club would like to thank all of them for being the beginning of this rare and inspiring writers group. Thank you to all who have attended our meetings over the years and helped encourage us to continue this path of supporting each other in our writing endeavors.

Thank you to those who have served as presidents of the club:

Joanne Liggan
John Ferguson
Harvey Tate
Joanne Meaker
Charles Tabb





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