Accomplishments & Publications 

:  Joanne, founder of the Hanover Writers Club, became a published author in February 2003 when Heir of Deception was released by Llumina Press. The sequel, Air of Truth, was published by Tate Publishing in 2007 and is available in paperback, audiobook, and as an ebook. The final book of the trilogy, Err at Sea, was released in February 2012 and is available in paperback or ebook. Since that time, Joanne has been working on a 7-book series of Bible study guides, two of which are published so far. Joanne is an award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction.

CHARLES TABB Charles Tabb is a retired teacher who now writes full-time. He works mainly with fiction and has two novels out. His stories have been published by online literary journals and won a Golden Nib Award from The Virginia Writers Club, placing third for his story “As Luck Would Have It.” Charles lives with his wife, her two horses, and their two rescued dogs near Ashland, Virginia. He enjoys reading (of course),

traveling, and spending time with family. His books can be found on and at Books, Beads, and More in Mechanicsville. You may find Charles at

JOANN MEAKER: JoAnn is the author of Images of America, Ontario, a book written to commemorate the bicentennial of the town of Ontario, NY where she lived for almost 30 years. A retired teacher, she volunteered for many years for the town's historical society. She loves to read, research family history, and do needlecraft. Spending time with the grandchildren is a joy, and teaching them to love history is a goal.
Her novel, My Dear Emma, was released November, 2012, the sequel, Four Branches in 2014, a compilation of short stories called A Line of Shorts in 2014, a children's fantasy book, Nola's Gift, in 2016 and her latest book, Stories Beneath the Stones: Richmond National Cemetery in May 2017.

Harry Heckel has written role-playing games and fiction for two decades. His latest work is The Charming Talesa comedic fairy tale fantasy series co-authored with John Peck, under the pen name, Jack Heckel. The first book, Once Upon a Rhyme was released in August 2014 and its sequel, Happily Never After came out in November 2014. A combined volume, A Fairy-tale Ending, is now available in ebook and print. The third book in the series, The Pitchfork of Destiny, came out in ebook format in December 2015 and in print in May 2016.  He has also written Space Wolf novels for Black Library with his friend, Jeff Smith, under the name Lee Lightner.
      On his own, Harry has two series, The Crimson Hawks Adventures and The Krueger Chronicles, both published by Blue Oranda. Additionally, he has written a novella, Hidden Strengths, in HeroNet Files, Book 1.
     Harry had his start writing role-playing games, especially for White Wolf Game Studio. He recently celebrated twenty years since the publication of DC by Night for Vampire: The Masquerade with the publication of Cursed Necropolis: DC for Mummy: The Curse, co-authored by the talented Neall Ramonn Price and developed by the amazing CA Suleiman. His latest roleplaying book is Sothis Ascends.
     He tries to write in the evenings after telling his daughter bedtime stories about robots, starships (usually Voyager from Star Trek) or superheroes (Rigel from Freedom Squad - see the blog), while striving to do his best in his day job. Ultimately, he hopes that he can make the lives of his readers a little more enjoyable.
     Every November, he religiously participates in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). If you'd like to get in touch with him, send an email to writerharryh(a) or visit his websites at and

CHRIS LYTHGOE: An actor veteran of the TV/Film industry with over 40 TV/Film/Commercial credits to his name; several of the projects he has been in as an actor have been on the big screen (movie theatres) and or on cable TV. A veteran of Films, TV shows, Commercials and Industrials he has won numerous accolades for several of his short films as a screenwriter, Film Producer and Director.  His first short film, In the Trenches, was an official film selection and screened at the Richmond International Film Festival. Several of his other films had become Official Film Selections at the First Annual Staunton Film Festival and the International Christian Film Festival. Other award winning short films have included: Tom's Last Night, The Thorn the Music, the Flowers and Artichoke: The Art of the Choke, all of which have Facebook pages. Awards have included Best Short Film, Best Cinematography and Best Director.  Three of his short films  have recently won numerous awards from the CFF in January of 2017. He spent several years as a trained and experienced actor by Professor Scott Cole of Bridgewater College, Independent film Producer, David Webster, Sid Caplan of a Harrisonburg based Improvisational group called Mental Flossing, completed tactical fighting and firearms training for film by Dave White; a former Law Enforcement Officer and has taken a John Pallotta acting class. He has been a professional actor for 10 years, in Independent film, commercials and TV shows. Producer, Writer and Multi-Award winning Director (since 2014) and has been a trained Voice Talent since 2011 from Voice Coaches in Albany New York. Chris teaches classes on screenwriting, producing and directing, marketing, the voice talent industry and more. Chris has been a marketing professional for 30 years, and small business owner and Manager of BlueLight LLC. since 2011 which is a production company that offers many other services including training. Chris is currently engaging in a plethora of new screenwriting projects which are all in the pre-production stages including the films: Talent, Specters, Save The Suit and others; also with Facebook pages. He has also been active with the Hanover Writers, Virginia Production Alliance, Richmond District for several years and was the Co-Chair in 2015.  His company, BlueLight  LLC. has created and completed over 8 short films and 1 feature film as well as promotional videos including an entry for the Virginia Tourism Office which was entered into a film competition along with 50 other competitors and placed 12th. Other accolades have included recognition from the Fort Lee Audio Visual Management team for his outstanding contributions as a audio visual screenwriter, Producer and Director judge for military training videos that had been submitted for competition.  Chris is also a professional drummer and percussionist and plays in a trio called, One Fell Swoop in the Richmond/Petersburg areas.

Edwin Clarke Taylor, Jr. was born February 13, 1951 at Bell Hospital in Williamsburg, VA. After graduating from Highland Springs High School in 1969, he enlisted in the US Air Force, specializing in Air Operations. Discharged in August 1973, he raised a family in the Sandston and Highland Springs areas of Virginia.

After thirty years with Henrico County Public Utilities, he retired and went to work for Sydnor Hydro for another ten years before retiring again in 2013.  Presently, he is a widower residing in Mechanicsville and enjoying his three grown children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys reading, especially westerns, murder and mystery genres, and history. He decided to put pen to paper in July, 2015, writing whenever he feels like it with no pressure, giving him another way to enjoy his retirement years.   


VICTORIA TRIFU:  Born in Flushing Queens NYC, most of Victoria’s childhood was spent in New York, however she also lived in Michigan and for a time in New Jersey. That was before her family relocated to Virginia where she now resides and attends school for nursing. Victoria discovered her love of writing at a young age. She gives thanks to those tedious writing workshops required in Elementary school. She wrote her first short story when she was seven and has been writing ever since. Now she says her writing has progressed and “matured” with time. She enjoys writing short stories, poems and is working on a few new “potential novels.” Writing is a passion of hers and while doing so she always tries to let go of competition and expectation simply letting the pen hit the pad and the words flow… Feel Free to Fly, her first novella, was released February 18, 2008. Her newest work, Sharie’s New Friend, a children's book, has been recently released. 

SHEILA TALLEY: Sheila, a charter member of the Hanover Writers Club, was the second member to publish her first book. Eyes Like My Own was released by Publish America in 2004. Her second book, Beloved Place, was also published by Publish America and was released in 2007. Sheila is currently writing articles for Hanover Lifestyle magazine. The latest issue may be picked up at Coffee Lane Cafè and several other local establishments. Other freelance works include articles in the Mechanicsville Local and The Herald Progress.



 KATHLEEN MIX: As an avid sailor and licensed charter boat captain, Kathleen and her husband spent many years roaming the Southern U.S. coastline, exploring the Bahamas, and enjoying the tropical islands of the Caribbean and the offshore islands of South America. They cruised as far north as Gloucester, Massachusetts and as far south as Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, east to Trinidad and Tobago, and west to Curacao. Kathy began her writing career with non-fiction articles. But one day, while anchored in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the boat rocking gently in the trade winds, she began writing about a charter yacht crewed by a salty captain and a land-lubber chef. That novel, A Trade Wind Season, was released by Avalon Books two years later. Since then, she has written four romantic suspense novels published by The Wild Rose Press: Secret Stranger (2007), Deadly Paradise (2008), River of Fear (2010), and Deadly Memories (2011). Beyond Paradise, a multi-cultural romance, was released in April 2010 from Samhain Publishing. Her single title romantic suspense, Sins of Her Father, was published in late 2014. Unfortunately for all who loved and admired her, Kathleen lost her battle with cancer and passed in 2017. RIP Kathy. We miss you.    

HARVEY R. TATE: Harvey was a retired high school educator who published novels and was a beloved member, and past president, of the Hanover Writers. He wrote to entertain and inform his readers and wrote in various genres. As The Wind Walks, published in 2009, is the story of two men, a great grandfather and his great grandson and their shared experiences of the Civil War and World War II. Kill by Numb3rs, a thriller published in January of 2010, is a tale about Cain Machinovic, a young homicide detective pursuing his own demons and a serial killer. Harvey's other books are Moonlight on the River, a romance, and Little Sisters of War, the story of women's lacrosse in a small college in the Shenandoah Valley. Tentacles of Time, futuristic fiction, was published in 2014 and his last novel, Edge of the 7th Circle - A Cain Machinovic Thriller, was published in 2016. RIP Harvey. You are missed.

The original founding members of the Hanover Writers Club  included the following:
Marie V. Aceto  -  Jonathan Baker  -  Emory C. Bogle  -  Jane O. Clark  -  Mary Ann Croy   
Tom Epperson  -  Jon Fairbanks  -  Beverly Glendenning  -  Colleen Glendenning   
George Hagerman  -  Keppel Hagerman  -  Fran Hannah  -  Dennis Humphries  -  Donna Johnson  -  Coleen Kenny  -  Connie Lapallo  -  Bob Layton  -  Joanne Liggan  -  Ellie Malloch   
Elizabeth Daughtrey  -  Jennifer Mullen  -  Beth Petzer  -  Lorraine Pulley  -  Jennifer Ritz   
Rebekah Ritz  -  Ann Rutledge  -  Gloria Shriver  -  David Spangenthal  -  Sheila Talley   
Miriam Walker  -  Anne Westrick  -  Wayne Wooley

Some of these writers and aspiring writers have passed, others have gone on to be tremendously successful authors, and others are still struggling or have given up.
Our club would like to thank all of them for being the beginning of this rare and inspiring writers group. Thank you to all who have attended our meetings over the years and helped encourage us to continue this path of supporting each other in our writing endeavors.

Thank you to those who have served as presidents of the club:

Joanne Liggan
John Ferguson
Harvey Tate
Joanne Meaker
Charles Tabb





For information on any of the books mentioned above, please visit our BOOKS page.