By Jack Heckel:

A Fairy-tale Ending: Book One of the Charming Tales

Prince Charming had one destiny: to slay the dragon and save the princess. Both have been achieved, except there's a problem: Charming had nothing to do with either. A farmer named Will Pickett succeeded where royalty had failed—and this simply will not stand. Thus begins an epic adventure that has Prince Charming and Will Pickett vying with each other for the throne by challenging trolls, outwitting scoundrels, and facing all manner of fairy-tale creatures. All the while a dark sorcery envelops Castle White, and Will's sister Liz and her friend Lady Rapunzel uncover a threat to the kingdom. The fate of Royaume hangs in the balance as Charming tries to salvage his reputation, and the clock is ticking…
The Pitchfork of Destiny: Book Two of the Charming Tales

Life in the Kingdom of Royaume has been happily ever for King William Pickett and his fiancee, Lady Rapunzel. But when Volthraxus, the Great Dragon of the North, returns looking for the love of his life, the Great Wyrm of the South, it becomes clear that some fairy tales never end. After Volthraxus discovers his love was slain by the newly crowned king, he seeks his revenge by kidnapping Rapunzel. Once again, Will teams up with Edward Charming, the only man in all the kingdom with the skill, ego, and dashing good looks to fight a dragon. Our heroes fates depend on finding a weapon re-forged in dragon blood the Pitchfork of Destiny. But as the two set off after the dragon, Charming s bride, Lady Elizabeth, falls into the clutches of a mysterious sorcerer known as the Dracomancer, who has his own plans for Royaume.


By Celie Thomas:

Active Meditation for Manifesting the Kingdom: is about mindfulness; developing conscious awareness of the many ways Spirit sends messages and answers to prayer throughout our daily lives. While based upon Judeo-Christian principles and scripture, the Active Meditation process is applicable to people of all faiths who recognize that we are living sparks and channels of one God. Best-selling author Nancy Clark said, “Celie Thomas reassures us throughout the book that achieving a state of inner peace is possible.” Dr. Vernon Sylvest said the book “…is an enlightening, inspiring, empowering and practical book that is a joy to read. It will make a difference in your life.”

ou Can't Hide a Dead Fish: 
is a compilation of true stories and insights about working with young children and how the public school system could be more successful.  "His body had been discovered inadvertently, spilling out of a ripped plastic bag full of garbage and dirty diapers while being dumped into a landfill." A senseless, brutal murder starkly exposes the inadequate resources, skewed priorities and bureaucratic nonsense that put all children, and ultimately all of society, at risk. This book proceeds to address many of the challenging issues facing public school educators today, offering positive suggestions and proven strategies for success throughout. Celie Thomas shares her observations and experiences as an elementary school counselor in an effort to motivate and empower the average citizen to " as vital as a railway switch, shifting a life from one track to another at a critical junction."  Former school librarian SF wrote, This little jewel would make a great beginning-of-the-year present to any teacher you know who struggles to do the right thing. They ALL do!”


By Charles Tabb:

Floating Twigs:  Where the Red Fern Grows meets To Kill a Mockingbird
It's 1968 in the rural coastline town of Denton, Florida, and the only thing with a tougher life than twelve-year-old Jack Turner is a starving dog named Bones. When they meet while Jack is fishing, Jack knows that he and Bones are meant for each other, and he promises his oft-absent alcoholic parents that he'll somehow get a job to pay for his new dog's food and care.
In the process of finding work, Jack meets Hank Pittman, a middle-aged man who lives in a dilapidated school bus at the harbor, and Mrs. Mary Jane Dawson, an eccentric but kind older woman in need of gardening help. As Bones nurses back to health, Hank and Mrs. Dawson become the caring parents Jack never had. But gossip and lies about Jack's growing relationships lead to an attack on Bones' life and questions about secrets in Hank's past. When Hank is put on trial for a crime he didn't commit, everything Jack holds dear is set in the balance of that small-town courtroom.
Floating Twigs is a timeless coming-of-age story about a boy and his dog, the responsibilities that come with loving others, and how sometimes one small moment can change a life forever.

Finding Twigs:  Jack Turner has returned to his hometown of Denton, Florida, to live there for the first time in eighteen years. Despite a career as a criminal defense attorney and the companionship of his new dog, Brinkley, Jack is haunted by what is missing in his life.
Whether it’s the unanswered questions about his brother, Rick, who never returned from Vietnam, or a budding romance with Jenny Walton, Jack is wary of getting close to anyone beyond a few trusted friends and his beloved dogs. But when he’s assigned to represent an old childhood tormentor for armed robbery, Jack is forced to re-evaluate his past and consider his own failings in dealing with others.
This endearing sequel to Floating Twigs takes an honest look at love and redemption as Jack discovers that finding twigs is more difficult than floating them.
Note: The reader does not need to have read Floating Twigs to read and follow this book, though of course it is better to have read that one before reading Finding Twigs to know more about the main characters.

Gathering Twigs:  A new town. A new life. What could go wrong? Plenty, as it turns out. Fifteen-year-old Brandy Shaw, like most girls her age, deals with private demons. Forced to leave her hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for Denton, Florida, she manages to forget the boy she left behind for a new one, Travis Daly. But Travis has his own problems that end up affecting Brandy in a number of destructive ways. After a chain of events lead to tragedy, Brandy must defend herself against charges of a heinous crime. All she has in her favor is a growing understanding of the mistakes she has made, her attorney and friend, Jack Turner—whose own early life had its problems as well—and her family. A story of love and redemption, Gathering Twigs captures the power of realizing we are worth more than we ever believed possible.

Hell is Empty: Surviving evil takes courage. Fighting it requires persistence. When an obsessed man kidnaps high school freshman Samantha Dobson as she walks along a deserted street, Detective Tony Pantera must find her - with virtually no clues to help him.While Samantha must deal with a depth of evil she never knew existed, her family is disintegrating. Her mother tries to hold the family together, but her father buries himself in his work while her older brother and sister deal with the loss in their own self-destructive ways. Meanwhile, Pantera, whose last kidnapping case ended with a dead girl and no suspects, does everything he can to find Samantha before her case goes cold--or worse.  “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” Wm. Shakespeare, The Tempest

The Purger:  Detective Tony Pantera of the Richmond Police Department takes on his first serial killer in the second book of the Pantera series. The city is experiencing seemingly motiveless murders, and Pantera must find the killer. He wonders at the odd clues left behind on each victim, each wrapped in a piece of discarded paper and urinated upon: a victim’s severed wedding ring finger with the expensive rings still there . . . strands of a victim’s pubic hair . . . a man’s wallet, the credit cards and cash left behind. What could they mean? Why is the killer urinating on each item? None of the victim’s have been raped or sexually molested, so if robbery or rape isn’t the motive, what is? When one of his colleagues becomes a victim of the madman, Pantera suffers waves of guilt because he was unable to prevent the tragedy by stopping the killer who calls himself “The Purger.” With the help of another detective assigned to the case, Harry Overmeyer, Pantera must work fast before more innocents are murdered and left behind like yesterday’s trash. A page-turner fraught with danger and madness at every turn, The Purger will be sure to keep you reading until the frightening conclusion.

Whirligig of Time:  In Hell is Empty, Pantera faced a serial kidnapper. In The Purger, he dealt with an insane serial killer. Neither were able to commit the perfect crime. In The Whirligig of Time, book 3 of the Detective Tony Pantera series, Pantera deals with his most evil nemesis yet—a man who may have found the perfect method for getting away with murder. This time, the killer seeks revenge against those from his past who, as he sees it, earned his vengeance. He takes further pleasure in taunting Pantera and his partner, Harry Overmeyer, until finally, the killer threatens all that Pantera finds worth living for. Don’t miss the book one reader has called “the best of the series, by far!”

Canaries' Song:  Eric Northcraft lost his wife to cancer and now has to raise his three daughters on his own. He moves back to his hometown in Virginia and begins a new life, but nothing about the change seems to be working. His new teaching position is made more difficult by one of his administrators, and his problems only seem to grow worse. Lisa, his oldest, loves horses and wants nothing more than to continue the expensive lessons he can no longer afford. His youngest, Monica, has taken the loss of her mother the hardest and is already acting out and getting into trouble. Meanwhile, his middle daughter, Grace, is intellectually and physically challenged. The attention she gets makes Monica jealous, even if she does love her sister. When Grace asks her father to buy her some canaries, Eric does so, and they become more than just a pair of birds. They become a symbol of the love and happiness that is theirs for the taking. This poignant book by the author of the acclaimed coming-of-age novel Floating Twigs is sure to keep you turning pages and falling in love with the Northcraft family.

By JoAnn Meaker:

Stories Beneath the Stones:  Beyond the cemetery gates, rows upon   rows of white headstones are lined up in military precision. Each is inscribed with a soldier's name and regiment and each one of them has a story to tell. Following years of extensive research, utilizing a multitude of documents and other source materials, JoAnn Meaker explores the history of the cemetery and the lives of the Civil War soldiers who are at rest."

Nola's Gift:  Young Nola is sent on a mission to find beads of the jewelfern. Lady Marika, the village healer, needs them to create a potion that will help heal the children stricken by the strange illness that has swept their village. On her travels, Nola discovers the dangers of the forest and children with unusual abilities.  Will she be able to find the jewelfern in time? Find out what happens to Nola that will change her life forever.

My Dear Emma:  It's 1862 and the Civil War is raging. Hearing the call, ames enlists, leaving his family behind and musters in to the 10th NY Volunteer Cavalry. Flash forward one hundred fifty years. Rachel Benton is desperate. After the sudden death of her husband, and eviction from their house, she is forced to move across the country with her young daughter, Julia, to the small town of Oxford, to take care of her ailing grandmother, Nonna. When Nonna dies, she finds herself immersed in the legal ramifications of handling her grandmother's estate. As she searches for Nonna's will, Rachel discovers Civil War diaries and letters along with other mysteries hidden in the house. Who are James and Emma? How will their lives impact hers? Will she find the answers before time runs out?

Four Branches Following the main characters from My Dear Emma, we learn about Rachel and her daughter who embark on a pleasant country drive to research her ancestors when a sudden storm drives them in an unexpected direction. Stranded and alone, an isolated cabin seems to offer refuge, but within those timbered walls more threats await. Rachel's troubles in the present are woven together with a family embroiled in the Civil War and the lives they touch on their journey to freedom. Lives are imperiled, and a dawning realization changes Rachel's life forever.

A Line of Shorts:   A Line of Shorts is a collection of heartwarming stories for readers of all ages. This buffet of tales spans the years from the time of the Civil War to the present  ranging from fact to fantasy with characters dealing with relationships both good and bad.
* a dying boys last wish...
* a traumatized girl finds her voice
* a young Civil War soldier heads to war
* a woman learns of her past in an unusual encounter
* including award-winning story, “A Fair-E-Tale”

By Ed Taylor:  
Revenge At Four Corners Monument 

Forty-five days in the life of Manuelito Geronimo O’Brian, full of tragedies and happiness. Martha Stewart has been planning for years for revenge on the Air Force’s MP unit, especially the unit’s leader Geronimo, for her cousin’s imprisonment. Geronimo’s soul will be tortured, with the killing of his family and friends.  Martha use sex as a tool to get men to do her bidding. Daniel is the perfect tool and patsy, she knows his secret life. Her plan is working to perfection, a woman is tortured, raped, and killed on the Navajo Indian Nation Reservation. She has acquired information, that the Navajo will ask Geronimo to help with the investigation. Martha leaves and sends clues and hints, that point to Daniel and torment Geronimo with calls. What she doesn’t know is that Geronimo gets feeling and vision when evil is around him or something bad has happened or will happen to family and friends. With all evidences pointing to Daniel, Geronimo’s visions continually reveal that a woman is involved too. Geronimo must prove that a woman is also involved and keep Daniel from finding out that they are on to them. In the middle of all this, Geronimo realizes that he wants Juanita in his life forever, he proposes and they unite on Labor Day.  Martha sets her final trap, Juanita and Geronimo’s best friend Tim are lured into a trap. If the trap goes as planned, she will describe Juanita’s and Tim’s death, at Four Corners Monument, as Geronimo is tortured and killed.  Her final plans go astray and Geronimo is the one who gets revenge. 

A Year

A Year is the second book in the Geronimo O'Brian series. It picks up about seven months after the end of the first book, Revenge at Four Corners Monument.

If Geronimo only knew or had a vision of how the next year would turn out, he may have reset time back.          

By Sheila Talley:


Eyes Like My Own:  Who would guess that Celie O'Neil, a well-repected elementary school teacher, has a secret? As Celie confronts her past and meets the child she was pressured to place for adoption years ago, she learns about herself and the relationships that have affected her life. During the process, Celie meets a man she knows she could love, if only she could open her heart.


Beloved Place:  Sister Elaine Kelly has an opportunity to study in Rome. By taking this step her entire life will change. Beloved Place is a warm and upbeat romantic story that shows faith to be meaningful in everyday situations and relationships.

By Joanne  Liggan:
Heir of Deception
Based on the fact that our actions have far-reaching consequences, Heir of Deception is the beginning of a family saga trilogy. Rachel Brittain’s life, by no fault of her own, is turned upside down by things her parents did before she was born; things that seemed harmless at the time, but came back to haunt her and threatened to destroy her life. Rachel is the heir of her parents’ deception, but there are others caught in this web of dishonesty—and one of them is willing to commit murder.
Air of Truth:  In Liggan’s second novel of the trilogy, Air of Truth, the family saga continues. It’s 20 years later, and Rachel’s daughter, Brianna Chavis, is now searching for her place in the world. In her journey, she encounters a world where things are not always as they appear. On a trip to New Mexico in an attempt to escape her troubles at home, she stumbles into a situation filled with espionage, UFO’s, unusual belief systems, and questionable friendships.
Err at Sea:
The trilogy is now complete. The year is 2030 and much has changed in the past few decades, both in this family and in the world. But even with all the advances in technology and government agencies, corruption remains a threat. Brianna's son, Jacob, is on the fast track to a successful life when an abduction from a cruise ship tears his world apart.        

F.A.C.T.S. New Testament Bible Study GuideF.A.C.T.S. Bible Study Guide Books 1, 2, 3 & 4:    An easy-to-follow New Testament Bible Study:  Journey through the New Testament, exploring the period and setting in which the letters were written, as well as the circumstances of the authors when they wrote them. This series of studies begins with the earliest written letters, following the writers through their travels and trials until the last book was composed. Each verse is explained in context with the times in an attempt to stay true to the author's intent.

DOWNED PENS: (The following authors have passed into the next life. May they be remembered and treasured for their lives well-lived and their works left behind for us to enjoy. May they RIP)

By Kathy Mix:

Secret Stranger:  Kelly Salinger and Clay McCarthy are as different as satin and stone. She is a peace-loving resort owner seeking a refuge where she can heal the scars of her past. He has amnesia, and every clue to his identity suggests he's been pursuing a life of crime. The only thing they have in common is that they are trapped on a remote Bahamian island with a gang of dangerous jewel thieves. Kelly and Clay discover opposites do attract. But will this gentle woman and the gun-toting stranger she found unconscious on her beach live long enough to learn that their contrasting views are less important than their love?


A Trade Wind Season:  Traditional romance from Avalon Books. Check out an excerpt from this book by clicking on the title.

Deadly Paradise:   Alicia Kincade's two-year-old son is onboard her ex-husband's airplane when it vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle. The authorities find no trace of the airplane and presume they're dead, but Alicia is determined to continue searching.
Brash pilot Jake Dawson accepts a seach charter but vows to stay detached from Alicia and her problems. Yet every day he flies over the Bahamas with her by his side puts him closer to losing his objectivity.
When clues indicate the boy is alive and mysterious accidents hint someone wants Alicia dead, Jake resolves to protect her at any cost. He may run from love, but he won't run from trouble.
Although Alicia refuses to be distracted from her search by Jake's advances, she must team up with him to stay alive and save her child. Soon they find the danger to their lives is real, but so is the danger to their hearts.

 River of Fear:   After ten years shouldering heavy responsibilities as her siblings' guardian, fern farmer Annie Brenton yearns for an exciting and carefree future. Despite the repeated threats of a stalker, she refuses to cower in her house and compromise her long-awaited freedom. When widower Luke Erickson and his two young children turn to Annie for help and she takes them into her home, she believes her financial worries and stalker problems are solved. Instead, the stalker ratchets up his violence, and her developing feelings for Luke turn her world upside down. As Luke's past suddenly catches up to them, Annie is forced to make an impossible choice. Is loving a wandering sailor and his children worth the sacrifice of her freedom and the risk of a broken heart?

 A sizzling bolt of lightning and a jellyfish send a ninth century boy
 on a multi-lifetime course. Nature’s power and the genetic material
 of the immortal jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii, rearrange young
 Branac of Hvar’s DNA. Sixty years later, Branac approaches death
 and fades into nothingness, to his surprise his body reforms, but to his regret, he returns as a teenage boy.  
Tentacles of Time employs history and futuristic predictions by following a journey through Viking times, Medieval Europe, the Crusades, the Jamestown settlement, the Revolutionary War, and the future. The never-ending man has been an assassin, a monk, a man who abandons his family, and an honorable father. In the thousand-year trip to the future, he survives the plague, fights alongside George Washington, meets Abe Lincoln, and helps murder a Saint. He is a patriot, a womanizer, and a beacon of hope. Wick Fowler’s amazing life spreads through time, not unlike the drifting tentacles of the Turritopsis dohrnii, which provided bits of its DNA to create the immortal man.

Published by Asylett Press - A story of two men, their wars, and loves. Both grow and mature in crucibles of conflict, the Civil War and World War Two. It is an epic tale told and lived by two men who represent different eras. One is a ninety-four year old veteran of the American Civil War; the other is his great-grandson, who is growing up in 1940. The old man begins his story with his enlistment at the age of fourteen.  The boy listens carefully as he stands at the brink of another crucial time in America’s history. The Civil War and World War Two sagas follow the Fifty-Fifth Ohio Volunteer Regiment of 1861 to 1865, and the Marine Raiders in the Pacific. The story uncovers two love stories amongst the misery of war, the love between grandfather and grandson, and their love for the women who guide them. It is an account told through the eyes of ordinary men who stood tall at a time when their country needed them.

A Voice from the River – Monongahela, a romantic coming of age story, published in 2001.

Little Sisters of War is about a women’s college lacrosse team from the Shenandoah Valley who desperately tries to reach a championship, published 2002.

Kill by Numb3rs, a mystery/thriller published in December 2009.
If you like mystery novels, you’ll have fun with this one. It has enough red herrings and twists to keep readers hooked from beginning to end.













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